Writing for wellbeing

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” – Anne Frank

There are many reasons why people feel the urge to write. You might want to tell a story, real or imagined. You might want to share an adventure, such as a travel diary, or share your feelings and thoughts about something that happened to you to help others with similar experiences. You might start a blog, write a book or publish an article. All these forms or writing will give you a sense of satisfaction but they are distinctly different from writing for wellbeing in one very important way; they all involve writing for an audience.


Writing for wellbeing is about delving into your own mind to discover what’s simmering beneath your emotions, thoughts, blockages, fears and anxieties. It’s the kind of writing that doesn’t need to make sense, be grammatically correct or follow any rules.  It is for your eyes only. Writing for yourself enables a different kind of honesty that you might not be ready to share with anyone else. You might in time but that is not the purpose of the writing. Its main purpose is to understand yourself and what makes you tick. It can be a powerful experience putting pen to paper and just letting your thoughts flow. Often, your writing will surprise you and expose thoughts you weren’t consciously aware of.

Old school

And by putting pen to paper, I really mean it. Old fashioned writing with a pen (or pencil) and a notepad. There is something about the physical act of writing that connects deep into our subconscious that a computer keyboard simply can’t achieve. Or maybe that’s just me. However, I would strongly recommend trying the humble notebook even if you are fond of electronic devices. But no type of writing is wrong. That’s part of the beauty with writing for wellbeing. It’s all about the change in yourself.

A beginner’s exercise

The simplest way of writing for wellbeing is to do a ‘mind dump’ onto the page. Set aside ten minutes (using an egg timer, or for you modern folks a mobile phone) and write down whatever comes into your head. It can be anything and everything. What starts with writing about what to cook for dinner can lead to the most interesting insights. The important thing is to keep writing without pause until the time is up. If you get stuck and don’t know what to write, write about that!

In this blog I will share how writing has helped me through difficult times, and how it can help you.

Write your mind to heal your heart.

writing in park

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